Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nutmegs Own Munchies begins

It's been a while since I found a letter about who I can be that I wrote to myself for a school project. Maybe 10 years ago or more. Essentially,I told myself not to give up when it gets hard.
But I've since misplaced that letter.  This is the only part I remember most while working on creating a new food idea.

I let this project die. It was just going to be unbelievably costly to even get a business going. But it was fun with the 4oz bags of dried organic fruit and the fruit flats made of only strawberry or raspberry or kale and then a banana. No apple as I notices the fruit roll ups everywhere used apple as their 1st ingredient. I even have a great dehydrator. Maybe I should have named it. It might have helped me to stick to this.

I did go through a small incubator program here in Chicago and got my food handlers license and did some sampling at the Glenwood farmers market.

So, next I will post some pics and who knows maybe I will name my dehydrator.