Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday numero 31

My birthday was good! I actually went bowling on Sunday.It was like a 10 hour superfantastic birthday bonanza!I went on a modern skyscrapers Architecture tour with momma n my friends.Then to the soup box for soup, and then to get nails done and beer!We met at a bar after everyone got their nails done, and played scrabble while we waited, and I did a shot from a blowup sheeps butt. Aimee then came where she brought cupcakes! and a fun birthday headdress, and then she had a dance off with my firend chris who was challenging the word Baja, it was quite fantastic! From there, we went to eat vietnamese food at Don'Ky, and then off to Bowling. I was only up for 1 game, and I did score almost a 100. Aimee and MOmma crashed over at my house so they woke me up all cheery with their happy birthdays! and I fell asleep to the same. The dog was then whisked off to Urbana with Aimee, and I went off to work. A very fun 31st birthday! Where in the world are you now?