Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th is alright by me

I had this great experience that might just encourage the whole spookyness vibe about Friday the 13th.
Coming home on the Division bus, later after 5, I got a call while listening to This America Life. They had a show that was broadcast the week before the election of Obama that i had missed, and was really nerdy listening with my phone on the bus.
I got a call from my cousin Lisa(lisa new) and checked it, thought about talking on the bus, then answered. Lisa sat down right next to me and said hello just as I was saying hey.

We rode the bus to Wood, and caught up on what's happening. Trying to plan a lunch in the future, but still wanting to make the plans to have a few drinks out in the city.

I got off at Damen, went to the video store where Robert was working. I got a few movies, W, some brit x rated version of gossip girl, and bought a Will Ferrell dvd for mommma.
After talkin with Robert, I left him with my notebook and a new customer and walked nextdoor to D and D to get a bottle of wine.

Checkin out the selection, all of which is way overpriced, and got stopped by Phil. He told me of his Cubby bear alt night plans, and I shared my movie, wine and leftover plan with him and told him he is welcome to join me any Friday for this ritual of mine.

As I was walking away, I looked back and caught the glimpse of a man walking right near Phil, and wondered, "why do you look so familiar?"
In line, 2 bottles of red, and Tony my boss from Vito and Kesselmans asks me if I am Meg. And such and such. Phil ends up behind him, we laugh and I remind Phil I will see him on the 28th at Bernice's for his show.

21 and some odd cents later, I have my notebook back, bottles of wine and dvd's in hand and walk back to Lemoyne and Hoyne.