Monday, September 18, 2006

Renegade Craft Fair

Aw yea.
this was the best weekend in Wicker Park by far!

Check out what I saw!
Mr Pickles...a favorite with me.
i got a t-shirt to boot from these nice folks who mad ehis cool character!
Wanderlusy has some awesome vitage and homemade stuff---t-shirts of the weird kind!

This place has some really great simple sturdy designs--wide neck shirts and comfy dresses.

Cool cool painting of the wierdest subjects
Scary and birdies..

Think girls with Pitchforks and sculls..a must have t-shirt for sure!

Cool Wallets and a nifty green T-shirt. Art style like that girl that Aimee likes so much

more and more

cool plates? o yes!
It was quite a variety of things to see.
Corporate Logos and Guns on Plates or Whatever You Want. this was really unusual and I think I like them

HOllyhue is a really cool DIY hoodie maker. They put the zipper on the side! on the side! not the center!
Whoa ho!

I gotta jog my memory about this one, but from what I remember, this girl gets crafty in a big big way with the T-shirts.

Neat-o lamps made of Paper cocktail umbrellas and oragami star designs.

A neat crafty artist. I especially like how her girly figures are all plain and simple looking.

with photos!