Friday, April 27, 2012

Hot Diggity dog, it's corn dog batter

Corn Dogs 

10 Hot Dogs
1c. flour
2/3 corn meal
2T. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. B. powder
1tsp. salt
2T. shortening
3/4 milk oil for frying
10 wooden skewers

Mix dry together and cut in shortening until it resembles fine crumbs.
Combine milk and egg in small bowl then add to dry. Pat hot dogs dry, dip in batter with tongs, coating all sides. Let excess drip off.
Drop into mini fryer until golden brown.

Corn Dogs #2 

8 Hot dogs
2/3c. cornmeal
1/3c. flour--plus extra flour for dredging.
1egg beaten
2T. veg oil
1t. salt
1/2c. milk

Mix dry ingredients, add milk, egg, and oil.
Dip hot dog in flour, coat with cornmeal mixture. Deep fry at 375 till golden brown


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