Monday, December 19, 2011

Crunchy Foods-because soft food is so boring

Neutral flavored crunchy foods
Water chestnuts— chopped up-left raw
· Uses: in stirfry, rice dishes-anything really
Jicama-diced or shredded
· Uses: salads, in anything-jicama has very little flavor, and really is all about the crunch
Celery-thicker sliced—but in small pieces-left raw
Pine nuts
· Uses: in oatmeal, quinoa--not toasted
Bok Choy
· Uses: The white rib part-mixed in stir fry
Bean sprout
· Uses: on top of soup or stir fry
Turnips-- chopped up in food processor to bits and pieces.
· Uses: in rice dishes
Celeriac—peeled and shredded. Leave raw-sprinkle with salt and pepper.
· Uses: on soup, sandwiches, rice dishes

Al-dente vegetables-steamed over salted water or boiled in salted water---veg will still have a crunch-and is considered slightly undercooked.
· green beans- steamed –then roughly chopped up
· edamame-shelled first and steamed
· carrots—cut into thick pieces (about the thickness of 2 stacked car keys)-steam and then rough chop---Good use as “chips” for dips---don’t chop up pieces-just don’t over steam.

Crunch with little flavor:
Corn—dehydrated find online or at Spice House on Wells
· uses: in soups, on top of fish dishes or mixed in with rice
Broccoli florets- Small pieces only using the top parts-leave raw
· Uses: Mix into rice dishes


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These are all neutral flavored things, right? Good idea for adding crunch.

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