Thursday, December 01, 2011

Best Maple Syrup Ever

And it's organic and they deliver!

McCluskey Brothers Organic Farms
Here is there link for the greatest maple syrup ever made in the name above.

In April of 2011 I worked up at Tomato Mountain and on the last Saturday I was there, I went with Chris, the famer to the Dade County Famers Market in Madison.
Set up next to us was this Maple Syrup selling couple. I bought a pint of it and have been in love with it ever since.
I lost the label on the little canning jar the stuff came in, and for months tried to figure out who it was. I called the Dade County Market in Madison, asking for help finding a maple syrup maker who sold their sweet stuff in canning jars, but came up empty after their suggestion. I searched online, looking up canning jars of maple syrup. nothing. Eventually I sent an email to asking if there was any chance they knew the name and got a response from Robin, which I loved! " it could be McCluskey Bros., who offer certified organic maple syrup in very pedestrian packaging similar to what you escribed. I'm pretty sure they sell at Dade County. They also sell ground beef and cheese and are now in several Chicago area farmers markets too, including some in the winter. If you want to reach out to them to find out where to find them, contact Mary Ellen at and tell her Robin says hi."

Now I will have to take a trip up to this awesome looking place soon! I can't wait!


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