Monday, September 17, 2007

Renegade Craft Fair 2007!

It was great weather on Division street and I saw lots of great things that I would like to keep in mind for everone who comes to the site!

Try it keeps a good list of links for crafty folks who are selling their goodies!

 Awesome Handmade books, and prints she had some really nifty purses and wallets with a groovy beaked bird! Such gReat Giraffes paintings and cards! Stationery with nice drawing of girls with big eyes and buttons. Very neat neat things to choose from clocks and magnets out of vintage fabrics! this link is a hotbed of what the renegade is all about: people making art. hopefully the link will work in the future and I will upload some photos. for the really cool "you're awesome" gift cards. Just a great way of saying what you really think about that friend who came a bailed you out!

I have tons more! so keep a watch out!


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